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Someday I really do need to sort through the tremendous backlog of comics I have in my house that I haven't read yet.

Maybe in a best-case scenario I can finish reading Archie Sonic before IDW Sonic starts up.

so close

Jul. 3rd, 2014 06:39 pm
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Oh gosh a big thunderstorm is going on outside. Waiting upstairs w/ the computer room door open just in case my mom needs us to go to the basement... I hope it's over soon, and the power doesn't go out; for both important reasons & shallow reasons like me needing to write up a post on tumblr for a fanmix I just posted. ;;

Anyway, only 2 more days until Sailor Moon Crystal premieres! I've been waiting for over 2 years, and I'm just so excited, and frankly overwhelmed if I think about it for too long.
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 My dad's recovering from a follow-up surgery to one he had back in August. He's doing okay, just... in pain and lying on the couch most of the day. I'm really relieved that it went alright.

Also, I am really enjoying Steven Universe. Everyone on that show is so cute. <33
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So, yesterday was my 21st birthday, and it was a pretty nice day. My family and I went to IHOP, and I had delicious food. Then we went home and I had a baby slice of birthday cake after I unwrapped presents.

presents )
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Celebrated Christmas w/ my family today by unwrapping presents & having stuffing & chex mix. It was alright. I'll talk about my presents under the cut!

gifts borne )

I love all of you, everyone! I hope you have a nice rest of the year, and a happy new year! :)
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Had an appointment with my dentist today. It actually went pretty well, since I've actually been flossing and not brushing so ridiculously hard.

I do have one cavitiy where I'd thought I'd have one, so I'm going to get that filled on Tuesday.

How is everyone doing? :)
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My friend came back from studying abroad and they are doing decently, I've heard. Which is really good because I've been stressing over them for a while now, and I'm just glad they're back and okay and, you know, it was a little tough.

I finally got a Facebook account for them, I mean, goddamn.
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It's my birthday today! It's been alright so far, and I've gotten well wishes and also presents.

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Went with my friend to volunteer orientation at Del SPCA tonight! It was really nice. They've definitely improved and changed stuff over there; there's even a free-roaming room with around ten cats in there! She'll contact me when she has time on a day and ask if I want to go with her, so I'm pretty happy for that prospect.

My friend wanted to see a dog out of its cage after it was over, so I got a lot of adorable pit bull hugs and slobber all over me. I could never handle a dog, but I can at least think they're adorable.

I was really happy to see her. :)
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Unwrapped Christmas presents with my family today. I'll talk about it under the cut, since it's probably easier that way.

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Well wishes to everyone on my friends list. I love all of you. :)

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I got to hang out with another of my close friends yesterday and I got to see how they're doing on campus. I... did not expect the walk from where we parked to the dorm room to be 15 minutes... and then we had to walk back... ;;

We were going to see a musical, but I was just way too anxious and awful-feeling from the trip and anticipation and being around a campus that we went back to my place and I showed them and my brother Elementary. And that was fun! They both enjoyed it.

And we officially got to exchange friend codes on Pokemon BW2, so that was especially nice.
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I got to hang out with a friend I haven't seen in over a year today! It was really nice to see her and catch up with her. We made plans and stuff like that and I showed her the first two episodes of Korra because she hasn't watched any of it... I did warn her that the rest of it... wasn't that good. I hope we can actually follow through with some of those plans, I'd love to see more of her.

And Pokemon BW2 comes out tomorrow! I am excited, even if I'm probably not getting it the day it comes out. So getting a Snivy and Azurill in my team. :)


Jul. 4th, 2012 10:34 pm
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My parents are gone for the night, so my brother and I are doing the coolest thing ever AND-

talking about Pokémon battle strategies. You wish you were this cool. ;)

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